Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sing K Session @ 1U Neway after NN's Music Bash

I don't know when they planned...
but when I ask Andrew when he want back his phone and wanna yum char or not after that night... he told me going to sing k...
now make sense when Chris told me he going to sing k..
my initial plan was wanna head to KL Tower for speedzone tour...
but when i asked around no kaki wanna follow :(
every 1 said need to pay dun wanna go dy... and that discourage me as well..
so since nothing to do I might just joined them to sing!
i wanted to sing for quite sometime dy...
So we head to 1 U separately after made the call and booked the room.
Thanks to simon as he got the phone and helped us to book the room.

While Chris sent Zoe to Hannah place, I sent Clarisseteagen back to her place before head to 1U. She was exhausted :D
No chance to hear her lovely voice =/

All picture was from Andrew D300 :D


I will grab the Mic once I got the chance :D
No, I don't have good voice, but bah!!! Like I care?
I love to sing! sorry to those dudes and babes there have to bear with my horrible voice :P



Andrew and Justin really have good voice
Simon and Joshua not bad also
And Chris got manly voice :D
Ben got very nice voice too but like to kacau =..=
Steph sis and Jane got lovely voice~

Joshua, Andrew

Justin, Simon, Chris

Ben, Steph sis, Jane

while this video recorded by Joshua =..=

We did enjoyed the night :)
Waiting their next planning :D

Oh btw, got 2 free tickets to David Archuleta live @ Sunway from Nuffnang this saturday :)
Thanks again!

And Sunday heading to Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra~
April iz da Music Month!


rojakrojak said...

sing until damn pak piah yo u all

§pinzer said...

again again :D

joshuaongys said...

fuhhh go watch david!!! and sing k come come go again!! xD