Saturday, May 30, 2009

Break Out - Korean's Extreme Dance Comedy @ Wisma MCA

Thanks alot to PinkPorkChop for the invite.
It was last Sunday(24th May 2009) and i bring my sis along.
It was a charity show, which are priced at RM63 and RM93


The whole show was entertaining.
The 5 "prisoners" really can dance!
not forget about the 3 chicks and 2 more officer that dance very well too




Check out the funny scene at below video,
yeah i recorded it :D

Enjoy the video :D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Update on thehappymomentz (Robocop)

This time gonna introduce the Hot Toys Robocop 3

Click picture to redirect to the actual post :P


Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm a Standout in Life

I'm used to find my way to stand out the crowd once I got the chance.
Want to be the lime light!
Want to make life much interesting~

Like example how i get feature in nuffnang blog b4
check out here(winning the most creative blog post) and here(wearing the Guy Fawkes mask)

Oh wait, most bloggers got that chances to be stand out in those event...

I have to do better then :P

So here
being one of the few Asian in this big American crowd!


Is this stand out enough?

Rocking alone at LP concert without any friend at all XD

And i stand out enough that even Chester look at me couple of times~ so i can snap such nice pictures :D

Had you ever get screamed by any international celebrity? :P
actually he was singing(screaming) "Faint" song that time... If my memory still serve me well...


Another stand out in American crowd~


And this time different band :P


Lifehouse :P


For those that wanna read more about Linkin Park live and Lifehouse live exprience please click here

Climbed the highest mountain at South East Asia


u saw this mountain at ur RM 1 note :p



And I've been to 3 of the top 11 tallest building

Been to KLCC 67 floor, I know that every one been to KLCC b4... so nothing to show :P

Then one is at New York, which is the Empire State Building...
King Kong died here :(


part of the view of New York City from the state building

While another one is at Chicago, Sears Tower



the view is so darn pretty from here


so there the top 3 buildings :P

Let see....
I manage to solve Rubik Cube in less than 5 minutes :)

I actually can do it less than 3 minutes nowadays... it just I'm lazy to record another video for that
Will see... if i ever record i will update this video :D
quite outstanding right? Coz i know a lot of people don't even know how to solve it! :P

And happened I snapped picture with our ex-ex-PM :D
The man that I really do respect!
Even though he did create chaos, but who cares?


I know back then(which is around 3 to 4 years ago), I look like er.....

And I think I stand out enough in life, that's why been selected to be feature in the magazine? :P

Check here about me being featured in Junk online/magazine

and yeah! I do party a lot!
And that's make me stand out too~
Most of my friend know how often I hang out for those events

(picture taken last year during Freedom Elite party)

how can we party hard without Tiger Beer right?

Thanks to Nuffnang that we gonna have a fun party again

the details as below:
date : 6th of June 2009 (saturday)
time : 7pm till late
venue : HQnine, TTDI Plaza, KL
dress code : standout

Click on the picture below to check out more details :)


woooo hoooooo

PS: sorry for the show off post...
some of u even sick seeing the LP n Lifehouse over and over again :P

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Featured in Junk Online and Magazine :)

Weee, Thanks to Nuffnang for picking me to feature in Junk Online
Click the link below and check out yourselves :P


If your guys happen to bought Junk Magazine May issue, which look like below


Flip to page 22 :P


And that column showing as below:

Thanks Nigel for scanned pic, he sent to me through mail after he spotted me at the magazine :)

There is some mistake that they wrote at the magazine.
They were mentioned about the Impulse event that I covered, which I did not...
Was not at the KL when they assign that assignment to me... feel sorry =/

Thanks Junk online magazine for featuring me!

Last month featured bloggers are Nigel and Nilora, click here

And which 2 of you is lucky to be pick for the next month? we shall see~ :D

And on KLUE May issue,
I saw Jane and her fren Jennifer, Jamie Chin and Sasha (those that i know) were on the cover!
while featured bloggers are Thomas and Kimberly

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Saturdays Live @ Zouk, KL

It was Tuesday night 12th May 2009.
Thanks Air Asia to bring these hot girls in to perform.
And it was free!

The Saturdays

I've been heard their song through for quite sometime.
So in curious, I did try find their videos trough Youtube.
And find that they have couple of nice song

Such as

Chasing Light


Up (which you can hear them in Hitz fm recently)

So that night after work, was asking Joshua wanna come or not,
cause he interested as well, but too bad he need to get his car to fix...
so can't manage to join.
I walked from my office to Zouk and bump into Nigel and Kelli.
Saw uncle Josh there too

And when we go in, Soon Seng joined in as well.

We were near the stage,
Rudy and Moots was the host that night.
Here is those pictures when those gals show up






They got this lucky draw, which the winner won a return ticket to London...
and this lucky gal got it.... y not me T_T


They sang 4 songs and left, it just a show case, so we can't expect much.
especially when it is free =/

Pic of they leaving

and here the video i recorded...
3 songs



Just Can't Get Enough

Kel screamed for Mollie =..=

after the show end, it was raining heavily outside...
i was half soak..
Thanks Soon Seng giving me a ride home :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

LG Blog Launch @ Metropol Bar, Menara Hap Seng (Nuffnang)

Before to this actual topic, will like to thank Nuffnang giving out Star Trek Movie Premier invite last week :)


It was a very nice movie! 4/5
Those that haven't watch, go ahead and watch it already :P

OK back to the topic

Again, like to thank Nuffnang to give out the invites, and thanks LG for such fun event :)
It was LG Blog Launch party
It was success and few bloggers went back home with a big smile winning LG products.

And of coz we guys happy when see these lovely Angel~


The event start at 8pm. My office quite near to Menara Hap Seng.
So was having my own dinner while waiting Jane to pick me up.
yeah even though is just across the street, but still I asked her to get me both of us no need to go in alone :P

Mike is one of this event organizer


Rose Chin

It was crowded ="=


Can't manage to snap any picture during the open ceremony


So was sit beside having my drink~ Sprite mix Vodka


They introduce few of the LG product
like example KM900




Compare side by side with my iPhone 3G with their KM900.
KM900 consider not bad with the price they offer!
few interface and kinda nice to play with.
but of coz i still lap my iPorn~


Host for that night

Pamela chong,

Will Quah

And Serena C


And they having some game to give away LG products.

Like the dancing 1 :P

Thomas and Kim on the stage~


Vanessa Chong won something too

And here goes all those cam whore pictures :P


John, me, Zoe, Jane, Mike, Soon Seng, Yat, Jolyn, Stanley, Joshua, David and Hsu Jen

and I was not here when they snapping this pic~ was eating my ice cream?

Just us dudes :P

And surprisingly, met Nicole there! It's been a while din saw her and she looks prettier that night :D

With Jane

Jolyn won the "Cookie" that night with her angel costume

The emo kid Jovi won it too...


With Vannesa Chong again.
She remembered me go to both Hennessy Artistry last month :D

With Robb

Din do much camwhore that night =/

Anyway, it was a fun night with free food and drinks on the house

Please do visit LG blog which is here

LG Blog

to know more info and updates about LG product and LG events around Malaysia

and join the Facebook LG Malaysia Fan Club too if you like LG products :)