Thursday, December 30, 2010


How should I start this...
All I know this going to be crappy and unorganized post

2010 been treating me good and bad.
Overall it still a good one.

It start with I broke some one heart early this year... someone that loved me so much.
Bet it was really bad for her :(
Felt sorry that I couldn't return any love to her.
Ended that relationship. Hurt her real bad, but just because I couldn't go on with her knowing myself did not fall in love with her...
It will only bring more sorrow if I keep that relationship.
So, I can only say, Sorry and Thank You.

Being single again, I've active and inactive from time to time.
Something special happen early of the year, which part of my so call "fantasy" come true. Till now I still miss that moment...

Another happy moment - travelling around UK, Milan and Berlin.
Manage to watch few musical, travel and shop alone in London.
It was something quite fun to do. But still not as excited as wandering around NYC alone 2 years ago.

Got myself into some complicated situation from time to time. Not gonna tell the details.
There's quite amount of 1st time experience there, which is good for me :)

After couple of years, I finally fall in love again.
Fall in love with someone that have no slight interest on me at all...
I changed a lot cause of her.
If you are my friend that been hang out with me this 2 years, should had discovered how I've changed.
Am I a better person right now? I have no idea...
She might have 2nd thought of me after what we been through.
some how... she still the 1 of the person that I care most

There still somethings bother me.
1 of them, is a girl that I used to take care of, had a the misunderstood on me.
The way she interpreted my action, made her disconnect with me.
She don't even bother to know about the whole situation, on why or how I was behave.
after how I took care of her all those years.
But it's all good, since she having quite a good life now, wish her all the best :)

Another big changes made after I back from Australia trip.
I got myself an expensive gear, get involve in video shoots which I've been interested all this while.

Went to classes to improve my language.
I'm still suck in English.

So I hope those classes will help me improve on my writing.
Wish that I able to write more quality post for 2011, instead of writing broken English, crappy articles.

Get involve in healthy activities.
Constantly workout
more video shoots
improve my languages
score well on tests that I going to take.

be a better person

Monday, December 13, 2010

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas