Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WHOA! It's Here!

Lately TM just launches a new portal site, . With curiosity, I visited that site and register myself.
Once register I got myself RM5.00 free credit from them!
I took sometime discover the whole page, and find is like an on-stop center for email, twitter, online call and sms. Something like MS Exchange, but with twitter and you can make call out of this site!
The rate they offer is awesome, check out the list on their main site for the country rate call. But they only got rate to call to land-line… I already reloaded RM30, so I’ll give it a try later on the landline to call some overseas friends :D


I already did a few test call and it work! But u definitely needs a Microphone and speaker/headphone for your PC. It’s like using skype calling other landline/handphone, but this, there no need to install the application. You just need to open up the site, sign in and make call :D
This site is still new and I’m still exploring. Right now they only offer for us in Malaysia to buy italk credit. Heard that they going to expand, overseas user might be able to get this credits too! Imagine using this web portal anywhere any time (which offer internet service) to make call to any other country with cheap rate, sound awesome right? :D
So starts check it out now! And I believe there will be more to offer by them!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Another test on time lapse video, view from my condo

Try HD + Full Screen for the details :)

*try to spot where is Solaris Mont Kiara :p

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Zee Avi Live in KL Live, Life Center 20-3-2010

It was 2 weeks ago, which it was an enjoyable night!
Hope she can visit KL always :)
Just posting up video at this moment,
Pic up later :p

Thanks Aaron and Stephanie for the tixs!

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