Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Party Every Weekend???

Had crazy weekends so far in October :D
Sorry for the late post :p

The first weekend of October Hennessy Artistry

It was another good good night with Lenka and Boys like Girls.
Their performance were great :D


I went to every H-Artistry event for this year and I can tell you, all of them were great!
Hennessy really know how teenagers want these days :D

Bravo! Keep up the good work so we can enjoy more :D


Now I prefer Hennessy cognac over Chivas whiskey :P

Having great night with friends, international artists and great drink.
What else should I ask for for a great night.

Thanks Yat and Nicholasfor those invites :)


The event was held at Quattro, KL



Sorry that I still not really catch his name yet....
His performance wasn't that great that night, he was out of tune a couple of times =/


Paul Freeman performed quite well. Like his music :)


Camwhore with the friends~

Tiffany, Joshua and Pin Pin




Kate and Hikaru

It was really fun that night :)

Lenka's live that recorded with my camera

Trouble is a friend

Knock Knock

The Show

Went to Zouk after the event end and join a bunch of crazy friends.
Did not snap any picture at that club. All I know I get high and half drunk =..=

Second weekend of October.
Kelly's Birthday Celebration @ Sky Bar
Yeap the Hot Doctor + good cook + strong voice singer Kelly just came back from Melbourne, Australia for her few weeks break.

Do check her out if you don't know how talent and amazing she is :D
Her Blog and Myspace:

(Check out her cooking :P)

http://www.myspace.com/kellysiew (Check out her original songs :D )


Sky Bar was quite nice! It was my first time visit.
Something like Luna Bar, but prefer the settings here.


The view is quite nice from here too :)


Kelly and her bf Trev

Kelly and Asrar

Kelly and her friends from Melbourne

Simon was there too
With Kelly's old school mate



It was a great night~

and the next day we hang out again.
I was their tour guide... LOL
we went to chow kit to have chilli pan mee,
then visited KL Tower before heading to Kajang for satay :P

Charmayne called when we were at Kajang.
Planned a meet up, so after satay, we went home and get changed.
Headed to Changkat Bukit Bintang area to meet Charmayne

Another great night with the great companies
Trev, Kelly, Charmayne and Ben

3rd weekend of October, which is last Friday.
Got invites from Nuffnang for MOS 1st year anniversary celebration.
And at the same time, was invited by Yat to zouk, Paul Van Dyk was the main event!

So I decided to go for both! Greedy me!

Since I got a pair of invites, I grabbed my bro, Yen to join me.



We reached MOS, Euphoria quite early.


Went to VIP zone to get the drinks.
and there's a table with label "Mr. Chang"
which I wondered was it for me.



Start to get crowded


Spotted Kelvin and Sue before we leave to Zouk.


Rushed to Zouk
And I able to reach in time.


The crowd were crazy!



Paul Van Dyk





Random pictures of us



Yat still stoning after he had his hair cut 2 weeks ago.


Some dude playing with his LEDs :p



Yen, Yat, Nigel, Kel Li, and joshua

Ginny was there too :)

Some video in Zouk with Paul Van Dyk

Wondering will there any party for coming weekend?

Anyway I didn't manage to win NNAward's event :(
your guys have fun out there at SG T_T

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

I haven't visit Singapore before even though is like so close to Malaysia.
Yeah I've been overnight there for a flight transit...
The only place I went is Changi Airport and my friend's condo which locate at Chua Chu Kang.
It was midnight and I was dead tired, never bother to have a sight seeing around the country...

Always wanted to visit Singapore.
Hometown friends that currently working there always invited me to come over.
But I really don't have much time and chance to go.
Travel expense is a big concern too!
I was actually plan to go by this year end, while still planning, I saw this opportunity that gave by Nuffnang Awards!
I hope I can win so I can save my money up while still can enjoy a nice trip to Singapore :D

Since I haven't been there, I'm not sure which place I should go...
I just heard about how fun is Sentosa Island,

might can go shopping at Orchard Road,

chill out at Clark Quay at night?

Or Marina Barrage?

Really can't make up my mind.
If I ever go I will ask my friend to tour me instead.
Singapore have too much to offer that 1 day trip is not enough =/

Need to Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience.
Any one mind to help? :P

Saturday, October 3, 2009

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

There's 2 krrunch part I'm posting here.

Just wanted to let you guys know, the first part I did not make them up.
Is absolutely what we (me and colleagues) do everyday during work.

The first krrunch time~

The picture below showing my office's pantry, and I just have that shot last Monday
Spotted what in the basket?
Our HR/Admin Manager just filled up the empty basket with...


Few cans of Pringles!!!!
And no! I did not ask manager to buy all these so I can do this post for the contest!
I was even reluctant to write this contest entry...
Not sure is it coincidence or fate, that the manager refill it on that very day before the contest end at that weekend =/


With no time waste, I tried to grab a can for afternoon break....
and found that the one that I like most, BBQ flavor was in my colleague's hand...
The worst of all is he almost empty that can =..=

No choice to grab the cheese flavor,
together with a Coke


And place them on my working desk
Picture below is showing my working cubicle :)


And when I was bored during work, I just pop the can.
Have few pieces of pringles,
and play with the iPhone to have some krrunch


And I'm not the only one who do that....

check out my colleagues' cubicles =..=
they do grab those cans and put beside them...
so they can have some krrunch if they are bored with the work...


and yesterday, Friday...
I went to pantry and find that the basket.........


Yeah.... have no more Pringles =/
Guess have to wait quite some while for manager to refill...

Beside having krrunch with Pringles during work,
I do try to make some krrunch at home.

It's been a while I did not play with Toro-chan,
so I bring him out to have some krrunch :D

Toro-chan:"Can I have some???"
Ren:"Of cause, but I want some too"

*Open can*
Toro-chan:"What!!!!??? Only left one piece!!!" :(

Ren:"I want the last piece" *Grabs*
Toro-chan:"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" *Grabs*

Ren:"Ok.... You can have the last one..."*sigh*
Ren:"Hopes my manager refill the pantry with Pringles by Monday" :(
Toro-chan:"Yay!!!!" *sniff sniff*

*nom nom nom*

Toro-chan:"mmm hmmm~ this is sooooooo goooooood"

Toro-chan:"Feels like I'm in heaven"

Done having some krrunch time with Kuro-chan :D

Did you see how Kuro-chan get obsessed with Pringles?
Do you have the same obsession?
Cause I have :D

If you wanna have super krrunch time at Singapore, do check out Here