Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Knowing

I just watch this movie with Jane last Thursday ...

mostly I won't do much review on a movie.
But this movie catch my attention, where director do put what I've been thinking all this while on the movie.
I not meant the end part where the alien showing up.

There a scene when John (Nicholas Cage) deliver astronomy lecture in class,
He asking is this world created by purpose, or is it coincidence /randomly created.
I like that moment, at least there a lot of people out there do aware of why human even bother to exist...

The knowing

I use to be get bothered by this questions all the time, like example:
- Why are we human exist?
- Why is everything on this earth exist?
- What is the purpose we even survive here?
- Are we doing daily stuff just because our ancestor been doing all this while then we follow?
- Are all this education, rules, daily life routine is necessary?
- Is there any other solar system that same as us where there another same planet name Earth, and there also the same person with the same name doing the same thing at this time?
- Isn't the Earth can remain pretty if human never exist?
- Why the human can be that ignorant living the daily life doing daily routine and don't want realize what is all this living purpose is about?
- Is God really exist? if so, how God is created? what or who or how everything started at the very beginning?
- What if , everything we doing now doesn't even matter after all? Cause there is no valid purpose from the beginning? and the purpose was set by the ancestor and comparison of each and every person?

And many other questions....
I use to stare at my hand... watching the fingers, touching them and ask myself why is all this happen... with this fingers, the feel, the existent of everything and all...

So, there again I back to a normal person... which try to ignore all this question that can't be answer
And no point to get the answer since i already living my own life on this earth, doing all this daily routine.
I had spent some time to study Buddhism before, but there still question that can't be answer...

How bout your guys?
Any Of you did asking this kinda question like me all the time too?
How you choose to live your life?

And here I am siting in the office doing what ordinary person do for their living...

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