Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nuffnang's Music Bash 2009 powered by Maxis Broadband

Yeap, thanks to Nuffnang and Maxis again to organize such event.

The Music Bash was held at Maison and it start at 6pm?

There this time every one be celebrities include them :D

The Holograms (part of the DGMB gang)
From left:
Anne, David, Hsu Jen, Nigel, Kelli, Joshua, Andrew

80's outfit XD

The day before,
Clarisseteagen afraid that the next day she can't manage to get transport to go over Maison,
Asked me if it's alright to come over my place.
And I told Zoe that Friday night i going over her place to copy some pictures and help her choose on what she should wear on that event.
So right after work, i picked up Clarisseteagen and had dinner over my area and went back home to drop down some stuffs.
Head to Zoe's place and something happened... (not gonna reveal)
which I bring that 2 girls stay over my place.
The next day, the girls ready up quite early... as they know they gonna take times.
Thanks to Clarisseteagen, for the 1st time (at least for me :p) Zoe was on time.
We manage to get Sue and reach Maison early :D
We actually waited in the car for awhile cause the girls still got things to ready up before go in.

The 2 lovely girls,
Clarisseteagen and Zoeyve

When we were there, I was freak out when saw this fellows...


take a close look and i go WTF...
this is Andrew =..=

and the chicken little...

Since early, we take time to camwhore
and manage to snap with those hot nuffies
yeah... Ginny (the 1 on my right hand side) always in Nuffnang event..


and these babes that i know :D

Kalai, Griza,Clarisseteagen, Zoeyve and Sue

Camwhore continue :D

Clarisseteagen try to prove how short i am T_T
Stand beside Stanley i feel so much smaller...

Nicholas! The Hip Hop dude

And i try hard to find Robb to snap a picture with him but he was so busy...
when he was free... my camera is at other hands... :(
Anyway I did thanks him for doing such great job, thanks for the invites and thanks for give opportunity too.

As usual, Jane always show up :D


Agree with them as this picture damn cool! We got the nice matching outfit which is Red and Black

Jane and Justin

The cute Pinkpockchop

And was really surprise to see Karena showed up...
I thought she should be at Sabah.
She said Ching Ming, come back here for that weekend, and lucky enough to attend wor...

Sandra, Karena and don't know who the hot 1 on my left

This picture should posted earlier as we actually come in to toilet 1st once we reached.
Zoe wanna get her hair done.
And here we are pose for the pictar :D


The show start after that, where the Holograms start singing, but I was still outside.
I try to get Sandra to register under Andrew name.
Andrew was busy performing with the Holograms and his outfit din have any pocket XD
so he let me hold his phone for him till the end of the event.

When I manage to get Sandra to register, camewhore a bit, chat a bit.
came in back to Maison, the hologram already singing half way...
quickly i record for this song...

Again snap picture with this dudes :D


Chicken Little damn yeng lor

and this fellow rock + gay :D
I can't stop LOL on the outfit!


Dinner was serve after they announce some nominates that might win the creative blog post.
The food was nice but not the Spagghetti!
the sauce din taste nice :(
but other than that, the rest of them not bad :D

There few console ready for bloggers to play with.
which i have no interest at all to play with them...
heard zoe they all play the karaoke game...
while saw Ben and justin play with the guitar and drum game console..

While upstair theres few laptop ready for bloggers to do live blogging which again i din interest at all...
I was there just to enjoy the company of fellow bloggers and friends
So i prefer go on and camwhore instead?
move around gangs and catch up with them



Steph Sis

And i met the cute fourfeetning Audrey...
I though she might forget me so most the time i walk pass her even though i saw her...
Don't wanna be so thick face go and say hi while people might forget about you ma :P
Luckily for me she still remember me and smile when saw me.
So here a camwhore picture with her :P


The lovely couple...
and sorry again Tim which I din snap a nice pic of you here...





Drinking with the gang~
yeah same age fellows here :P

Hikaru and Yatz


John Lennon won RM 500 Top-shop Voucher...

and there some games to win
the best costume etc
check out other blog they got more details about that...
As i did not snap much picture on those.
So not gonna write down much on those games.


Jane and Kate joined too :D

One of the game require bloggers to dance.
Shouted the Emcee Liang to dance also :D

And the rest of the Nuffnang gang did perform too
not bad lar :P

the night end around 10pm
but it's not the end yet!
Few of us (Chris, Andrew, Joshua, Steph, Justin, Jane, Ben and Simon) head to Karaoke, which i going to blog about that later on when I got the pictures.


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