Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hennessy Artistry @Bukit Kiara, 25th July 2009

Hennessy Artistry!
This time I manage to join the grand 1!!!
Last year I missed it cause I was still at US...
Flo Rida was there that time :(

Bah what ever
This time was quite a success one, at least for me.
The artists line was alright, Fatman Scoop and Ying Yang Twins.
Can't ask for more when they serve us free flow Cognac from beginning till end of the night!
The major down site of that night.... was nothing to do with Hennessy Artistry...
I actually brought along my camera and found that I forget to insert the battery after charged =..=
Brilliant huh? =/

So pics below is from everyone cameras, which I grabbed from FB or some other friends.

Glad to have 2 hot babes with me :p
Clarisse and Pin Pin

Ready to party mode

The event was so grand that they having few area to divide different type of invite
for us media bloggers, we manage to grab quite a nice space.

If your guys wanna know more details and wanna look for more pictures?
checkout nuffnang's innit webs, key in those keywords and you should can find some articles on this event.

Appreciate what Hennessy Artistry put up again.
It's been a year now I enjoy most of their event.
All the while i though only elders drink Hennessy,
after all this event and glasses of cognac I had~ totally change my mind :)
My favorite of this year mixing go to ginger ale,
the drink much smoother when down with that mixing.

And here again, all those pictures XD
credit to Wen Wen, Joanna, Joshua, Jun Jun etc that I grab from FB mostly
And din not manage to camwhore with the Buayat!

some pic with Hikaru but is in Kate's camera =/

Jolyn, Pin Pin and Baby Wen~

Baby Wen again

Wilson in da house

Toh Kiat

Suann? Not really catch her name, but is Wen Pink's friend, a model~ Like her hair style a lot :D

Chris and his date Katherine


Stanley and Joshua



Jane and Johnson


Yeah, when we first went in, Pin Pin was complaining why there is no finger food as she wanna bite something.
So we went out to the entrance where there a few food stalls
Had some Fried chickend and Kebab.
She take away a cup of fries XD


Steph sis! where is Ben a =..=

Terrence, one of the drunk fellow there :p

All the artists on the stage

Did not camwhore that much this time....
The camera not working ma...

Met a bunch of nuffnangs fellow,
like Jess, Nigel they all etc
Nuffies and their gang, nicholas, time, aud, suet, etc

It was really a great night to meet a bunch of cool bloggers and cool friends.

That's the reason I'm always favor HA events.
Friends! Liquor! Music! Fun! Drunk!

That's all for HA :P


Few days before HA, invited by Yat to this fashion event(22/7/09), "High On Heels"
which organized by Rebellz and Plush

For more info please visit yat article on this :P


no picture from me, so no point to blog about it... but that event was quite all right :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ManUtd PreMatch Party with Smirnoff and Ling's Pre Birthday celebration

Thanks Joshua for the invite.
Went to the party even though I'm not a MU fan
It was last Friday at Metraopol


Didn't even know whose the legend :p



Event was quite alright, we having fun playing Xbox and Fussball


They wanted to win the bottle :D


So there this fellow keep playing, playing real hard


and play




He won a botlle :P


Sorry that I did not blog much about this event.
Cause most the time I played fussball too
met Joshua, Sue, Kelvin, Chris, Hikaru and Kate :)

The next day head back to hometown. It was my sis' birthday.
Dad cooked a lot... can't manage to finish all of them.
Definitely awesome especially this golden roasted pork.


Had Durian and few kinda fruits too

Ling's 21st Birthday!

Family's picture :)

sorry for the short post coz doing this while working....
can't crap much :p

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Update I

I've been less blog about life anymore...
all thanks to PLURK!
argh, i always update what I did, what I'm doing, and what I'll do there.
Do add me too if you plurk :P
else Twitter or Facebook

Things still changing,
am looking forward into it :)
Bro will be coming back next week,
took a few days leave so I can get him around to have some food hunt :)

Went to Urbanscapes last 2 week, it was my first time and totally enjoy it.
Did not bring any camera, so no pics ="=
But I did annoyed some ppl in facebook
by spamming in the twitter board at Urbanscapes (I added twitter app in the FB :p)

So what's I up to recently?
Busy with work
Haven't start study for the test :(
Changed working desk that assign by manager, it's for easier case discussion with senior.
Yeap still party :p, went to Zouk last week...
And now everyone question me when i stay at home at weekend =..=
"Ren, today Friday/Saturday wor, no go party a?"
Had another new hair cut...
Downloaded Macross Frontier, still got few episode to complete it.

From the previous entry, wrote about some girl I like?
The feeling just fade away day by day =..=
I not mean the emo feeling, but the interest on her.
Been watching her blog and facebook update,
wonder she changing or what... but her recent life just make me lost interest...
tried to chat with her but she always busy and so i guess?
And there I chat with someone lovely lately.
Thanks to her, she did cheer me a little :)

Since I have Iron Man Mark III, guess i just going to collect Mark II as well
Should I get Mark I to complete it?