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The Tenant - Part 1 (Base on a True Story of Suiteng)

This story is base on one of my neighbor/friend's experience.
It last for one and half month and end at 30th of April.

This friend of mine, Suiteng, own this apartment and rent to this guy which she thought he is normal.
She interviewed him last time before rent to this fellow, the guy talk and act like a complete normal person, doesn't seem like having any trouble/problem at all...

But...after months.... shits happened... Suiteng find something fishy going on...

So she opened a thread at lowyat forum which is here, to ask suggestion ( read the thread if you wanna know the full detail story, but warn you... there is 125 pages and 2500 posts, that's the reason I put the summary here)

that thread created funny, trilled and sad moment to other forum members.

The thread was so epic that I think we should keep a record of it. ( Thread will be delete after closed for few months)
So I blog over here to keep track part of what she wrote.

For those that just wanna see what Suiteng wrote can click below

Open this post is not to make fun of that guy too,
I posting here so to let your guys know there such thing happen in this world...
I feel pity to that guy but nothing we can do...

*Black/grey font is All write by Suiteng
*Blue is my comment/explanation
*Orange is aforum members

Please respect some of them here, as I have to state 1st
Suiteng is a Bi, she admited it at the post
while the other 2 tenants which is one is that weirdo, and another 1 is gay
So if you don't feel like reading such complicated shit... you can stop right here...
read on and you'll get to know the story...

so do enjoy :)


I rented one of my room to a guy. A very weird guy.

He never talk to us.
He cooks in his own room.
He dries his clothes in his own room.
He NEVER come out unless it's really necessary.
He urinates in a potty and throw it early in the morning, make the small bathroom stinks.
He poo in the toilet and never flushes. The last time we spotted a 30 cm long shit in it.
He NEVER open his windows.

He sleep on the floor even after we bought him a new bedset (we pity him ma). When we give the mattress to him, instead of thanking us he close the door damm fast almost kepit my hand.

Oh, and finally, he stinks.

On the good side, he pay his rent on time. No longer pay rent on time. Even if he pay rent, he slips it under my door.

But he uses a lot of electricity. Our bills jumped RM50 after renting to him.


Some quote from the forumer:
QUOTE(n0v4m4r1n3 @ Feb 23 2009, 11:23 AM)
YOU'RE A~~~~~never mind~~

you slow talk to him and ask him what's his problem~~~

That's the problem. He only come out when it's time to pay the rent. If we knock on his door during the normal days, he wouldn't open it.

At first we tot nobody is in the room. Then we realized there is shadows and sound, we are damm sure that he's in the room but not opening up.


Update 23/02 :
In my attempt to scout his room and see whether he have a housemate inside or not, I found out that HE CHANGED HIS LOCK. It's a completely different door knob but same color. How could I not notice!!!

Dear /k/, wat now?


QUOTE(icyfawkes @ Feb 23 2009, 11:30 AM)
yeah,but lockin himself in the room?!
suiteng...are u sure hes not a venusphobic or lebianphobic?

I'm bi and my other housemate is gay. He knows about this when he move in (I told him).

The thing is, he only come out when it's time to pay rent. If he ever died in there we wouldn't know coz his room stinks like dead rat anyway.

QUOTE(skystrike @ Feb 23 2009, 11:30 AM)
he must be computer nerds....very shy n cost rm50 for the bills....must be pc on for 24hours...

RM50 jump is a lot, and we are sharing the cost. My other housemate bising edi.

QUOTE(WannaGetBuffed @ Feb 23 2009, 11:31 AM)
30cm shit.that's some long shit u got there..

Yeah, this shit is gonna be long dry.gif

Update 23/02 :
I'm gonna knock again and if he still dun wanna open I'm gonna break one of the window panes and get your /k/ pics.

Hmm.. potty not spotted. It is a potty.


user posted image

Update 23/02 :
And so I broke the window, and saw this?

Why on earth someone put a tent in his own room and sleep inside?
And he put the bread near Axion (dish detergent)...

That lead to few of the forum members asking Suiteng is the weirdo treat that Axion as a Jam?
Why he have that Axion? till now the mystery remain unsolved as the Axion went disappeared after this very night.

Update 24/02 :
This morning before going to work, I went to check on the window. Erm, it's replaced.

Feeling weird, so I look around lor.. takkan he so fast replace ma. Then I realized he took one of the panes from the window in the kitchen to replace it to his own room wan.

Got ask permission or not? Nope?

For those who questioned me about privacy, well..

I'll list the offence stuff which disturbs me for a while here.

1. He changed the lock without my permission. Meaning prevent landlord from entering his room. This already went against the tenancy agreement. I can evict him.
2. He replaced the pane with one from the shared area. Without permission?
3. The 30cm crap. Whether it's done on purpose or not.
4. I didn't say you can pee in your room. It's unhygienic and it's written in the agreement.
5. Cooking in the room. Fire hazard. Danger to the landlord and other occupant.
6. The room stinks. Not cooking smell. But it just stinks.
7. Anti-social behavior. Yes you can have your own privacy. But we saw you sleeping on cardboards and we were nice to buy a bedset and a mattress for you. But you just shut us out almost injuring the landlord.
8. Unavailable for discussion. We knocked. Non stop.

These are enough for me to open his door and capture any evidence of indecent / weird behavior. Also capture the existence of weird stuff and overcrowding his room.

However, I still can't find the evidence of the sudden electricity spike.

Hmm, what's next? Talking to him might not work, he won't open the door. He only slips rental under my door, other than that, erm.. it's hard to see him.

Update 24/02 :
Right now I'm confused.

It's easier to evict him, but it's pitiful also since he's so shy and weird.

But keeping him here, how can we help him if he doesn't help himself?

And, it's a nuisance wake up to foul smell from the toilet. He din flush after emptying his potty.

The only way is to talk to him, but he doesn't wanna come out. Throwing a party might get him out, or might not. We're organizing a get together cooking thing tomolo. See whether he come out or not.

Update 25/02 :
And so we talked. Gay guy saw him going out so he stopped him and call me out of my room.

Me : Eh we need to talk
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : We noticed you changed the lock.
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : We noticed you throw urine in the morning.
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : We also noticed you cook in the room with a gas stove the steamboat one.
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : We also never seen you hang clothes in the designated area.
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : ...
Gay : Why you do so?
Me : We're afraid of fire when you cook, it's dangerous.
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Gay : You understand ma? We are not finding trouble with you, if you got problem tell us.
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : Erm, if you change the lock, the landlord should have a spare key. Can you gimme a spare?
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : We also need to go into your room now to inspect a bit. Our electricity spiked high and we suspect it's from your room.

Weirdo : shocking.gif *runs into the room and lock his door*

Me and gay guy shocking.gif shocking.gif shocking.gif
So we knocked the door.

Gay : HELLO, can open up? We're just asking questions. Dun scare.
Me : Yeah it's ok. We just wanna get to know you sweat.gif

Then we knocked. And knocked. And even shout from the window.

No response.

Is he dead?

Update 26/02 :
This morning I woke up and open the door for fresh air, end up greeted by fresh pee smell. I wonder if he know English / Mandarin.

Update 27/02 :
Yesterday tried to give him twisties. As expected he open his door kecik kecik and say dowan.

This morning no pee smell. Hmm.. I din check got crap or not, dowan check.

Eh if drugs found inside then I will kena hang also meh? shocking.gif

But his room does smell like got dead rat / rotten food inside. It stinks.

Any other things that smell like dead rat except dead rat?

Update 01/03 :
BTW today padlock hilang. I knock his door, he open sikit and belum sempat I ask, he closed to door jor. Then I shout, got see the padlock or not? He din answer...


Update 03/03 :
He no pay rent!!!

Asking my gay housemate to write notice in Chinese and I'll write English and BM also, see he understand or not.

Don't urinate in the room!!
Jangan kencing dalam bilik!!

Update 04/03 :
Summary of what happened this morning Clicky for pictar *
And for those who don't understand the pictar *

Update 05/03 :
Summary of what happened this morning sad.gif

user posted image

For those that not understand the 4th picture....
It actually mean when Suiteng shout at the weirdo(small room), the gay guy (middle room) thought she shout at him...
so he opened the door quickly... even though he halfway on action ="=
see the picture below to get the idea....

user posted image

Update 06/03 :
Finally, face off. *

This morning.

*Me saw the weirdo*

Me : Oi oi wanna talk to you. biggrin.gif
Weirdo : *ran to room*
Me : *chase to room* blink.gif
Weirdo : *close door terkepit my foot*
Me : MY FOOT!!! MY FOOT!! shocking.gif shocking.gif
Weirdo : *opens the door*
Me : WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?? vmad.gif
Weirdo : *use hand cover face*
Me : I DON'T FVCKING CARE. You have violated too many rules and now hurt me. I want you to move out NOW. vmad.gif
Weirdo : *shakehead*
Me : You didn't even pay rent and now you assaulted me?
Weirdo : I will pay today. icon_question.gif
Me : So finally you're willing to talk?
Weirdo : *nod nod* nod.gif
Me : Why are you acting like this? Totally different from the day you were interviewed.
Weirdo : I scared... cry.gif
Me : Scared of what? unsure.gif
Weirdo : *shakehead*
Me : Look, you're testing my patience. mad.gif
Weirdo : I go get money now. sad.gif
Me : It's not about the money, it's about what you do in your room.
Weirdo : *use hand cover face*
Me : Why you always do that?
Weirdo : *shakehead*
Me : Look, open your door wider, I need to see inside.
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : *look inside, omfg where the fvck is the tent??* shocking.gif
Weirdo : smile.gif
Me : Ok, where you do your cooking?
Weirdo : I don't cook. nod.gif
Me : blink.gif I saw you throw the steamboat gas refill!! I saw it!! shakehead.gif
Weirdo : *shakehead*
Me : Ok lemme check your room.
Weirdo : *move aside*
Me : Where is the bedset?
Weirdo : *points* behind the cabinet.
Me : Ok... no bed so where you sleep?
Weirdo : *points at a pile of cardboard boxes*
Me : Ok. *search around, cannot find the steamboat cooker NOR the utensils which is shown in the pic taken* blink.gif
Weirdo : biggrin.gif
Me : Ok. Seems clean. Where is the potty?
Weirdo : *shakehead*
Me : The one you always throw in the morning?
Weirdo : Where got?
Me : blink.gif
Weirdo : *signal me to go out*
Me : Ok, you haven't tell me why you change the lock.
Weirdo : I didn't smile.gif
Me : But your door knob look diffe- *look at the door knob, he changed it back!!*
Weirdo : smile.gif
Me : *check with spare key, can open* blink.gif
Weirdo : *hands me the rent* this month smile.gif
Me : Ok....

Geez... he go and change everything back. Totally cleaned up and destroy all evidence. I can't evict him now coz no evidence that he pees in his room, and no evidence that he cooks in the room, and no evidence that he eat the axion.


Update 07/03 :

Summary of what happened during dinner.

Me and gay guy is having dinner and spotted weirdo just finished washing his periuk in the kitchen (seems improved).

user posted image

For those that not really know what the drawing about...
One fine day when Suiteng and gay guy having dinner on dining table...
they saw the weirdo came out wash his dishes at the kitchen.
After he done and on the way back to his room, Suiteng being friendly and greet him...
who knows he take the cover of pot and cover his face till his room =..=
and wonder why they asked about Axion? you can spot one in earlier picture but after that it never show...
very very weird.....

He really like this wan lor..

user posted image

Update 11/03 :

The weirdo came out of his room and change baju in the toilet. He also pee in the toilet gua I heard krik krik krik krik... krik.. krik... *flush*

Improvement gua? He spend like 2 minutes in the toilet but he bring his room key with him.

2 minutes also lock his room.

Back to the 30 cm shit story a bit

One fine Sunday morning..

Gay guy : suiteng!!!! ohmy.gif ohmy.gif
Me : blink.gif
Gay guy : There's a 30cm shit in the toilet and I'm sure I did not produce it!!
Me : How you know it's 30cm?
Gay guy : *lift up his hands* from my hand to elbow got 30cm or not??? ohmy.gif
Me : sweat.gif
Gay guy : How how how???
Me : Flush it la..
Gay guy : It won't go shocking.gif
Me : Use baldi(pail) la..
Gay guy : It still won't go shocking.gif
Me : Use your hand la..
Gay guy : shakehead.gif


Update 12/03 :
After 5 not so peaceful day here you go pictar


What is that??
user posted image

Newspaper and azzwipe on the door??? vmad.gif vmad.gif
user posted image

Update 19/03 :
MIA for a week since the last update. He changed his door lock back to his "personal" door lock. I knock on the door, nobody's home. So I broke the glass, I saw his tent is setup again and he's not in his room.

Notice of eviction already given begining of March. It was slipped under his door coz he was anti-social.

For those who wonder why I need to break the glass instead of bending the steel thing that support the glass, well the steel thing is rusty. If I bend it, then no need to repair already coz it will be broken. Hence, I have to chip a little bit of the window glass to get it out so that I can peep inside.

Update 26/03 :
5 more days to halau him. Wish me luck.

Update 29/03 :
Saw weirdo go tuang kencing.

Me : OI!!
Weirdo : shocking.gif *runs to room and close door*
Weirdo : ...
Me : You're quiet, I assume you understand the content of both notices I slipped under your door.
Weirdo : ...

So, I've made it clear. And, I think it would be hard for me to clean up the tapes on the window panes. sweat.gif

A bunch of muscular gays will scare the weirdo off. I told them not to wear pink.

Update 30/03 :

I slipped another reminder under his door that tomorrow is d day.

Update 31/03 :

Back home. Muscle gay gang on the way. ETA 7.30pm.

No sight of weirdo yet. Knock door no response as usual. The lock changed to his personal lock.

Few more guys on the way. 5 olang sampai edi.

Hmm now only 8 ppl arrived. Still got 10 more. I'm gonna go makan first. Those who are still in office, balik first la. Will not start until finish makan geh..

*knocks on weirdo's door*


*listens* rustle rustle.

Lemme finish my food first ar.. the rest sudah sampai. Total 13 ppl, 5 ppl ffk.


What happened after they finish the dinner?

Is the wierdo get bashed? And where is the sad part?
Stay tune for part 2 which I'll try to update tomorrow morning :D
Need to get some sleep now *yawn*

*Click HERE for Part 2*


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