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The Tenant - Part 2 (Base on a True Story of Suiteng)

For those that haven't read part 1, I will advise you to read that first, else you won't get what is this all about

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Part 1

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This part is extract from this thread


Continue from previous part....

Update 31/03 :

Today is the day. According to plan, 18 muscle man gay guys gonna come and help to evict him. But only 15 turn up (also considered good).

We are having dinner now, let them finish their meal first.

We invited the weirdo to makan, but he responded with rustle rustle and mumbling at the other side of the door. Guess he don't wanna makan. So, finish makan and we will execute our plan.


Hang on, still makaning. Lemme go and get more hotdogs.

So after dinner, washed the plates and took out the trash.. we face off with the weirdo.

We knocked and knocked and knocked. He dowan to open the door. As expected.

So I yelled la, takkan wan those guys to yell, right?

Me : OPEN THE DOOR, we need to talk.
Weirdo : *mumble mumble and some stuff are being knocked over in his room*

Me and the rest goes sweat.gif

Me : Eh, got sound inside means got ppl right?
Gay housemate : Yalor.. we need to kick open the door?
Me : No no, not yet.

So, I call out to the weirdo again.

Me : Wei, open the door please. We dun wanna break the door.
Weirdo : Wait.
Me : Why cannot just open the door? You changed the lock, I have no spare key.
Weirdo : Wait wait.
Me : ... I said now.

Then I heard him clearing some stuff inside, coz got a lot of noise. Then. he open the door.

Weirdo : Looking for me?
Me : Yes, for many days. I want to remind you of the notice I've slipped under the door.
Weirdo : What notice?
Me : Don't act cute. I'm pissed off.
Gay housemate : We wrote both in chinese and english, which part you dun understand?
Me : You're supposed to move out today. The new tenant will move in tonight *points to one of the muscle gay*


QUOTE(tomatotomatomy @ Mar 31 2009, 09:48 PM)
something to help remind


Something like that but fully clothed ok sweat.gif

I got kesian him before, but leh, he still throw pee in the toilet and dun flush wan leh.. to the extend of covering his face with penutup periuk. Somemore axion not spotted when he go and wash plates.

Weird or not? You want him in your house meh?


So I pointed to one muscle guy, the muscle guy wave.gif Hi~!

Weirdo : But I'm not ready yet, haven't find a place to move.
Me : Why didn't you find? I have given you notice for a month.
Weirdo : I can't find.
Me : So now you start talking? I knocked on your door for days!!! vmad.gif
Gay01 : Wait, dun angry first. I wanna listen to him talk.
Gay02 : Gay housemate told me that he also got knock his door when you're working, but he did not answer.
Me : See what I mean? We tried to communicate with you but you didn't answer.
Weirdo : I wasn't at home.
Me : I suppose you keep things that we shouldn't see? I heard noises inside when I knocked on your door.
Weirdo : No.
Me : Go away *grabbed him and push him out to the living room*
Gay housemate : I check his room.
Weirdo : WAIT!!!

So my gay housemate opened the door, guess what he saw?

He saw.. a woman inside sweat.gif

Gay housemate : WTF??? Who is this?
Me : *still no clue of what he saw* WHAT?
Gay housemate : A WOMAN!!
Gay housemate : An old woman is in the room!!
Me : shocking.gif
Weirdo : *starts shivering, with all the muscle gays surrounding him*

For the record, whatever I said is the truth ok. Not making this up. So it's kinda serious ok sweat.gif

And then, I ran to the room, and saw the old woman.

She's sitting near the tent, and she saw me.

She speak in mandarin, "sorry". I was like ohmy.gif my heart jumps out.. hit the ground hard.

Me : Who are you?
Old woman : I'm his ah ma.
Me : Why are you here?
Old woman : ...
Weirdo : She's my mom.
Me : And? You signed the agreement for 1 person, not 2!!!
Weirdo : Yes.
Me : *saw the potty* THAT'S FOR YOUR MOM??

At the moment I point at the potty and said that, the weirdo goes *nod nod*.

Me : since when did she move in here?
Weirdo : the first day
Me : I told you that this is a PLU house right?

*commercial break*
Remember I took pics? OMG, I've got a feeling that the old woman was in the tent when I was taking the pic shocking.gif

That's why I took quite some time before coming here to update lor..

At that moment, everyone was stunned. At first, we planned that all of us will be dragging the weirdo out and throw everything outside. We even have a new padlock ready and one of the gay guy had extra locks to change for us liao..

QUOTE(Calvin_PB @ Mar 31 2009, 10:17 PM)
yea, but he shudnt cheat... i guess if he dicuss properly i think suiteng will understand... hmm.gif

If he discussed this earlier, I wouldn't have let him move in coz my house really not suitable for old folks. I mean, my place is at the 12th floor and the lift always rosak.

QUOTE(luvjim @ Mar 31 2009, 10:17 PM)
i say the guy only powderful ah... can hide his mom for long time without suiteng knowing .... thumbup.gif

Really wor.. sweat.gif And I start wondering, does she ever bathe??

Ok back to story.

Me : I told you it's a PLU house right?
Weirdo : Yup
Me : And you should know that it's unsuitable for old ppl?
Weirdo : Yup
Me : And you both still move in and lied to me for all these while?
Weirdo : I'm sorry
Me : The problem is, the agreement is for 1 person. You moved in with your mom means 2 persons. It's wrong.
Weirdo : I'm sorry
Me : I've given you 1 month notice, why didn't you find another place? Why wait until today? I knocked on your door many times, all I heard is noises but nobody open the door.
Weirdo : I didn't know...
Me : Why you didn't know???
Ah ma : I hid the notice.
Me : ... wtf?
Weirdo : What?
Me : You mean your son dunno about the notice??

Ah ma : Yes, I have to hide it. *starts sobbing*
Me : But it's important.
Weirdo : *starts sobbing*

There's an awful silence among myself, the weirdo, the ah ma, and the gang of muscular gays.

QUOTE(luvjim @ Mar 31 2009, 10:33 PM)
suiteng show hand lose all now doh.gif

Yalor.. muscle gang is useless now. sweat.gif

So, they start crying.

Me : Ok, you hid the notice.
Ah ma : *nod nod*
Me : Why?
Ah ma : We can't find a place that would accept both of us. So we lied.
Me : But where you used to stay?
Ah ma : In another rented room, but the landlord want our room back.
Me : Hey, you *points to the weirdo* come here.
Weirdo : *goes inside the room*
Me : *outside of the room* Easier to speak like this?
Weirdo : Yes
Me : Ok, now you both know that you both had broke the agreement, I have to kick both of you out.

Me : Ok, now you both know that you both had broke the agreement, I have to kick both of you out.
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Ah ma : *sob sob*

Gay01 : Wait.
Me : Hmm?
Gay01 : Don't you think it's too cruel to kick them out now?
Me : I have given notice, it's due today.
Gay02 : I pity them.
Gay03 - Gay15 : Yeah.
Me : ... so gay housemate, what you think?
Gay housemate : I pity them too.
Me : doh.gif
Gay01 : You're the landlord, you have to decide. We're here to help but somehow this is getting hard for us.
Me : An agreement is an agreement.
Gay02 : But, gay housemate, are you ok if they stay until they can find a place?
Gay housemate : Hmm.. I have no problem.
Me : All of us pity them, but who pity me? Who pity the one who need to clean up the toilet?
Gay housemate : It's ok...
Me : Hey, I don't really encourage all these.
Weirdo : Could we stay until we can find another place?
Me : I guess you have suggested that to your old landlord, what did he/she say?
Weirdo : He still kicked us out, that's why we were so happy to find a place to stay in your house.
Weirdo : We have to, we have no where to go *sob*
Me : Actually, I dun fvcking care.
Gay01 : Eh, don't liddat la..
Me : doh.gif

Me : Ok, I don't want the social welfare to come to me and say that I mistreat my tenant. I want you to understand that this is wrong from the start, from the tenancy agreement itself.
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : But there are some stuff I want to ask. Did you ever contacted help? Where are you from?
Weirdo : China
Me : You told me you're from Miri
Weirdo : I'm sorry
Me : Answer me
Weirdo : I am from China
Me : And the bank passbook?
Weirdo : It's my bank account in Malaysia
Me : What about that IC??
Weirdo : It's fake.
Me : ???? shocking.gif

Me : Wait here. *goes and grab the photocopy IC and agreement* THIS IS FAKE?
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : Do you have a passport?
Weirdo : Yes
Me : And your ah ma?
Weirdo : Yes
Me : Are you overstaying?
Weirdo : No. We went to Singapore and got it chopped last week.

Well, that explained the quiet week I had last week..

And so, I took both their passport and keep them.

Me : Ok, I have to keep both your passport.
Weirdo : Ok.
Me : I need to verify that this is genuine.
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : Are there anything you wanna tell me? Tell me now.
Weirdo : No
Me : I'm gonna bring both these passport, and I'm gonna make a police report tomorrow.
Weirdo : NO!!!
Me : Are there still lies?
Weirdo : The passport is real.
Me : Then? Why can't I make a police report?
Gay01 : Dun make the matter big ok?
Me : If I get caught for housing these illegal immigrants, I'm gonna open flower in jail. I know you guys dun care ok??
Gay02 : That's not what we meant, see the ah ma.. she's been crying..
Me : ...

Gay02 : I mean, look at them.
Me : *looks*
Gay02 : I do pity them.
Me : So can they stay with you?
Gay02 : ....
Me : See what I mean?
Gay01 : At least leave the police out of this.
Me : No.
Weirdo : Please.
Me : No. Either you move out now, or I will report to the police. I have no problem letting you stay until you find a new place but I have to make sure that the police know.
Weirdo : *sob*
Me : And, I will be keeping both your passports.
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : Whatever the police decide to do, it's not my problem. Understood?
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Ah ma : *sob sob*
Me : And aunty, I really feel sorry for both of you, but you must understand that as foreigner, the agreement you sign must be different from locals. And the deposit is counted differently.
Ah ma : *sob sob*
Me : And this fake IC to get an agreement, I have to tell the police.
Weirdo : No. Please. No.

QUOTE(Calvin_PB @ Mar 31 2009, 11:49 PM)
suiteng, are u sure really let police to handle the fake agreement and ic, maybe u got ur own thinking due they breach the contract aggrement wit the fake ID, well, althought it is harsh, if stand at ur side is quite scary and worry for u, stand at their side is quite pity, and i got no idea what to do if im u... i also like OMFG, so tat means reported to police ady? and they going police station ady? hope u made ur best decision... sweat.gif

If I dun notify the police, later police gg me. Then I end up in jail and get buttsecked. Then who pity me wor?

Weirdo : No. Please. No.
Ah ma : *sob louder*
Me : I've made a decision. Either move out now, or stay and I make a report.
Weirdo : Can we stay for 1 month until we find a house, and you dun make a report?
Me : No. I dun want you crapping me that you can't find a place and want me to let you both stay again.
Weirdo : *sob*
Gay01 : I guess she had made it clear. You both have to make the decision.
Gay housemate : I have to make a stand also. Although I really pity both of you, but it's the law. And you both broken it.
Me : So, you have to choose.

Honestly, my heart is breaking. But, call me cruel or whatever, I also have to protect myself.

Me : So, you have to choose.
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : You have to choose. Decision please.
Weirdo : We have to stay, but can you not make a police report.
Me : You choose to stay, I'm making the report whether you like it or not. But I won't report about your fake IC in making the agreement, I will report with the tenancy agreement and make a formal eviction notice. If you fail to empty the place by 30th April, the police will come and do it for you. Do you understand?
Weirdo : *nod nod*
Me : Aunty, I hope you understand too. And please be honest next time. I don't think you can't find a place to accommodate both of you.
Ah ma : *sob sob* thank you.
Me : Ok guys, you all be the witness for tonite ok?
*all the gays nod nod*
Me : Ok, consider this settled for the time being. I will pass you a copy of the police report, and I will still be keeping your passport.

To sum up, I'm keeping their passports so that they won't simply move out and curi stuff from my house.

Now I have their deposits and passports with me. Also, I'm gonna make a police report tomolo, that's a support for myself as well.

See lah tomolo what police say sweat.gif Later police say tangkap, then.. too bad lar..

Update 01/04 :
Polis ussless. Say they are legally here so cannot file a report. I could only file a verbal report and pen my name and summary in the buku log vmad.gif

So I just wrote the summary of the case and leave my info there. Means, polis won't be coming to help me and chase them out rclxub.gif

On the other hand, I have to be harsh on them. Tears won't work on me. It will only agitate me further. They should have known better before using a fake IC to gain access to my property.

Yes, people offered me help. But I don't want more trouble if there are complains and later being redirected back to me. I want this hands off.

Another police report filed. It's nice to have a balai police downstairs and the police hostel is just the next block.

The pulis was like ..

Pulis : Amoi.. you cakap betul ke ni?
Me : abis mana I dpt passport ni?
Pulis : Tapi kiter xleh buat ape ape, cuma boleh rekod aje
Me : tu pun dah cukup, asal ada saksi kan?
Pulis : betoi tu, tapi dier org ada passport, naper guner IC palsu?
Me : I xtau.. janji I nak dier org kosongkan bilik hujung bulan ni
Pulis : bkn april fool ke?
Me : ni kali kedua pulis tanye I sweat.gif

Update 05/04 :
Nah.. at home all day also no see them.

Update 05/04 :
Weirdo begging me to let him stay. He say ah ma move to relative's place and won't curi stay jor.

I was like shakehead.gif NO WAY.

Update 27/04 :
All his stuff gone liao. But he didn't ask me to give him his deposit back geh? hmm.gif

Room already booked for May. hmm.gif

Update 28/04 :
he called me using a landline and said he will come back for the passport and deposit tomolo wor..

Update 01/05 :
Paid back deposit, tell him to behave, and sent him off.

Tomorrow gonna be outstation, so.. hmm end of story lor..


So that pretty much what happened in that house
The ending is not that entertaining, but still, the twist of this story is speechless... sad right?
None of us can imagine that the weirdo stay with his mom and hide her some more...
So next time when you own a place... and rent it out... make sure you do some spot check monthly, to make sure your tenant is totally fine and clean...
you won't want this kinda shit happen to you =/

Again want to thank Suiteng jie allow me to post this here.
And glad that everything works fine for her... (at least no one get hurt during in this incident)

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sherry said...

whoa.. super drama..

rojakrojak said...

walaupun kesian but still from beginning to end gua punya thinking was exactly like ur fren suiteng's... i would have been much harder on them i guess...

scary, man...