Sunday, May 17, 2009

Featured in Junk Online and Magazine :)

Weee, Thanks to Nuffnang for picking me to feature in Junk Online
Click the link below and check out yourselves :P


If your guys happen to bought Junk Magazine May issue, which look like below


Flip to page 22 :P


And that column showing as below:

Thanks Nigel for scanned pic, he sent to me through mail after he spotted me at the magazine :)

There is some mistake that they wrote at the magazine.
They were mentioned about the Impulse event that I covered, which I did not...
Was not at the KL when they assign that assignment to me... feel sorry =/

Thanks Junk online magazine for featuring me!

Last month featured bloggers are Nigel and Nilora, click here

And which 2 of you is lucky to be pick for the next month? we shall see~ :D

And on KLUE May issue,
I saw Jane and her fren Jennifer, Jamie Chin and Sasha (those that i know) were on the cover!
while featured bloggers are Thomas and Kimberly


Simon Seow said...

Me and KY were in KLue last month.

leechon said...

hi, may I know how to get selected to be featured?


Ren said...

Simon, ah yaya
i remember 1 is you, forget the other 1 is KY

Active in Nuffnang events,
always support them,
make nuffie notice you will be easier to get selected :)

leechon said...

ohhh...thanks a lot.. I hope one day I can get featured also...

Thanks again^^

JOLYN GOH said...

Fwah.. Fehmeh siall... Me wan too...
ish ish.. LOL
anyway.. Congrats!!

Ren said...

thanks jolyn~
mwah back XD