Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wishing Her Happy Birthday

Today is 29th of March.
It is her birthday...
And I was actually try to find her contact through one of her good friend since yesterday.
The friend said will sms me the number but it never come.

Yeah, it's my ex birthday.
And i'm getting her contact not only to wish her birthday, but also try to catch up how she been doing.

Many of my friend asked me to go on and why even bother to contact her and such.
Yeah I know deep down me i no longer love her since 2 years back, but still, she my 1st GF. The only girl that I get so close to so far in my life.
I loved her before, and how can you just not care if you really loved some body, even though your both not love each other anymore, that doesn't take the right off to caring each other as friends, right?

But since I can't get her contact, just let it be... may b that giving me a sign that i should totally don't mind/care about her life or how she being anymore

The reason why we lost contact?
It was 2 years ago when she asked for the break up, yeah, i was cool with that and go on break up with her...
I was doing my last sem back then and i really want to concentrate on the study...Can't afford to fail any subject as i already extended a year for the degree due to subject failing previously...
Beside that, both of us changed...
we are not longer the person we used to be when we 1st met.
Time passing by (4 years) and till the point that both of us can't tolerate each other anymore, hence the break up.

After the break up, I go on with my own life
We do contact each other but less.
I was really focus on my study, and thought if i less contact her, i can totally let go all those love feeling towards her.
And I did it, the feeling just fade away.
So when i find it was alright to find her to catch up with her a little,
she ignored me...
took me 2 months to figure out she got new bf...
I dunno is it bcoz she scared to let me know she have a new bf who much younger than her,
Or her bf dun let her to contact me... never get to know the reason... we did not contact each other since then...
whenever i smsed/called her, she never pickup or reply... tried sent message through friendster and she'll ignore too
i remember that time i was totally unhappy... coz when we were just break up... she the 1 that hope we still can be best friend even though can't be a couple...
Her total change really surprised me... which i don't know about her anymore =/

Today, I'll still like to thank her for everything.
And glad that we break up, after all we really do not suit each other.
If we were still together, i dun think i'm gonna blog like this now, i wont able to get my current job...
And will miss out all those fun and interesting thing in life that a single dude can do :D

And here a pic of her (last year Dec?)
Hope she don't mind i grab her pic and put here
Happy Birthday Min :)
Wish you have a wonderful life ahead, and yeah I won't be bother about you anymore~
So hope you really take good care of yourself

actually i wanna blog about her for very long time ago, but previously, I never really wanna reveal my personal life.
Till today... i finally wrote it and felt relieved :)


FengY said...

ooo phewwit! cute :D

stephanie k said...


Ren said...

lol fengy,
yeah she kinda cute :)

what so sweet sis :P

Stanley said...

I don't know what to say... Just take care. :)