Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back to Study,,,, Again...

Last year around this time I doing my CCNA couse.
Thanks to that cert I manage to get this current job, manage to go US for the training and all those fun stuffs over there.

Then this year, I plan to take advance Cert which is one more level up after CCNA cert.
Initially plan to take CCNP, but since my company doing about VOIP, so i taking the cert major on voice, thus CCVP

There are 5 papers together, after discussed with my Region Manager and Director, they say the company willing to pay for the exam fees only.
Director asked me to self study since there few engineers in EMEA done that...
So I take a look on the syllabus


after took a look, i think i can manage to take the 1st 2 paper, which is CVOICE and QoS by myself 1st as my company already provie certain course on those subjects.
but the other 3 paper i got no clue at all.
And since our KL office got limited Cisco product... I got not chance to do hands on on the course.
So I decide to take the 3 weeks course for that 3 paper.
The training center haven't give me date yet, but they suggested me to take the CVOICE paper before June.

Yeah, for those that plan to take CCVP after CCNA pleas take note!
After June 23th 09, CCNA cert no longer allow you to proceed to take CCVP.
You will need the new cert to take CCVP, which is CCNA Voice.
I got the info that, you can take 1 of the 5 paper and pass it first(before June 23th), then you can take 1 year to finish the CCVP with your CCNA cert.

So begin this few weeks i already start to study CVOICE...
It's tough for me as I always can't focus on study...
And after work... study at night is really tiring...
hope i can make it through... :(

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