Monday, June 29, 2009

It's been a while....

It's been a while I didn't really blog about my life...
what i blog about pass few months is event and more events.
Thanks to nuffnang keep coming out those fun events :P

Still doing my normal life
Passed CCVP 1st paper which is CVOICE.
Was happy that I passed the paper!
I thought I was going to fail when I really uncertain how to answer on quite number questions.

There things change lately.
My life might change in few months time.
It is so uncertain
The place i stay... the job i doing.... the next plan of the career... the girls i like...
everything is so confused and uncertain.
some of the close friend might know more of this details :)
it's so personal which i dun wanna blog about it :P
afterall there's no point where hardly ppl really read this blog.
mostly come in for pictures and events XD

writing this post today cause i some how emo now...
and i do actually wanna write about my recent life for since few weeks ago.
laziness stopped me to do so

Dad make a decision which some how change the whole family life...
Mom supported him all the way...
Dad... mom... thank you for whatever you did for us.
your both always make me feel so guilty on something i did to make you disappoint or angry...

feel so down since last week...
Michael Jackson died was a big impact to me....
i was driving to work and listen to the radio, i feel so sad and almost cried!
I've been listen to his song since i was little till now!
yeah now! i still listening to his song on and off!
especially i emo, there these few song that i love to listen:
"She Out of My Life" "Childhood" "Smile" "Little Suzie" "Heal The World"
all the while i dun fucking care his a paedo or he trying hard to be white.
i just know i love his song! his songs inspired me :)
"before you judge me, try hard to love me"
i always like this verse...

being so vulnerable lately...
started to like some gal and decided to develop some feel on her.
even though knowing isn't much hope to get to know her more,
but do enjoy the challenge ...
some how it still hurt when see something that you hope you never see.
but again! i like those feel! those sour feel and all. i though i forget how is it gonna feel.
yeah... it's been years that i don't feel like what i felt today!
emo, but somehow a bit happy
guess i going to enjoy this moment




ivn said...

yes yes i now ur a true fan... :)

Pork Chop said...

i read this post!
pinkporkchop 到此一游!:P hahaha

Ren said...

ivan: thanks :)

Porkchop know chinese :O