Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Update I

I've been less blog about life anymore...
all thanks to PLURK!
argh, i always update what I did, what I'm doing, and what I'll do there.
Do add me too if you plurk :P
else Twitter or Facebook

Things still changing,
am looking forward into it :)
Bro will be coming back next week,
took a few days leave so I can get him around to have some food hunt :)

Went to Urbanscapes last 2 week, it was my first time and totally enjoy it.
Did not bring any camera, so no pics ="=
But I did annoyed some ppl in facebook
by spamming in the twitter board at Urbanscapes (I added twitter app in the FB :p)

So what's I up to recently?
Busy with work
Haven't start study for the test :(
Changed working desk that assign by manager, it's for easier case discussion with senior.
Yeap still party :p, went to Zouk last week...
And now everyone question me when i stay at home at weekend =..=
"Ren, today Friday/Saturday wor, no go party a?"
Had another new hair cut...
Downloaded Macross Frontier, still got few episode to complete it.

From the previous entry, wrote about some girl I like?
The feeling just fade away day by day =..=
I not mean the emo feeling, but the interest on her.
Been watching her blog and facebook update,
wonder she changing or what... but her recent life just make me lost interest...
tried to chat with her but she always busy and so i guess?
And there I chat with someone lovely lately.
Thanks to her, she did cheer me a little :)

Since I have Iron Man Mark III, guess i just going to collect Mark II as well
Should I get Mark I to complete it?

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