Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ratatat Live @ Zouk KL!!! (28th May 2009)

Yeap, they were here!

Was very glad that manage to meet them in person!
The night was wild!
I invited one of my friend that study music.
Knowing Ratatat's play is not easily accept by public audience... yeah... they always know about hits and pop mostly =/
So I rather pick someone who really know how to appreciate their play.

Asked Clarriseteagen to join me! :D

She totally enjoyed it too!

We were there on time to get some nice shot.
As told, Ratatat started to play on 9.30pm
Tell ya, listen to their live are more awesome than listen to their album recordings :P
The crowd was overwhelming!
They played most of their hits, and I'm glad that they play the few which I like a lot,
Lex, Mirando and Semphi!
Yeah, I video recorded down those favorite hits~~~
Every one was having fun but the disappointed part was they have to end it quite soon, which were without playing "17 years" and "BruleƩ"

I was crazy enough to attend although having an exam the next day :D

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and more pics and vids at below

Ratatat in KL Pics

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Clarisse Teagen said...

HAHAHA Doink!! Of all pictars :D

but YEAH thE PaRTY Rocked!!