Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

I haven't visit Singapore before even though is like so close to Malaysia.
Yeah I've been overnight there for a flight transit...
The only place I went is Changi Airport and my friend's condo which locate at Chua Chu Kang.
It was midnight and I was dead tired, never bother to have a sight seeing around the country...

Always wanted to visit Singapore.
Hometown friends that currently working there always invited me to come over.
But I really don't have much time and chance to go.
Travel expense is a big concern too!
I was actually plan to go by this year end, while still planning, I saw this opportunity that gave by Nuffnang Awards!
I hope I can win so I can save my money up while still can enjoy a nice trip to Singapore :D

Since I haven't been there, I'm not sure which place I should go...
I just heard about how fun is Sentosa Island,

might can go shopping at Orchard Road,

chill out at Clark Quay at night?

Or Marina Barrage?

Really can't make up my mind.
If I ever go I will ask my friend to tour me instead.
Singapore have too much to offer that 1 day trip is not enough =/

Need to Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience.
Any one mind to help? :P


blueyfetes said...

I've been there and I'm going again in Nov for 9 days :D

Ren said...

so nice..
hope i can win the invites ><

blueyfetes said...

For work... luckily leisure as well.
Oh yeah, I'm curious why is everyone writing that??

Ren said...

be cause of this http://awards.nuffnang.com/wininvites.php

blueyfetes said...

Ohhh... that one... ic ic... too lazy to write la.. hahahaha

Well, good luck to u then :)