Monday, August 10, 2009

The Late Post! Juice 7th Anniversary @Euphoria, Superband's Concert @Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium and Heineken Green Room @Zouk

So lazy to blog these days :P
Compiling 3 events together which happened on 2 days last 2 weekend

31st July 2009, Juice 7th Birthday at Euphoria, Sunway.


Thanks a lot to Jess for the invite again.

We all had fun :D


That night after work, went back home get ready and picked up Joshua, Hikaru and Yat to Sunway.


That event was quite happening, with Adidas fashion show and games to win prizes.

As usual, the Lan Si Gang :D

Chris, Yat, Joshua and me

Baby Wen

PPC with her bro


Reducing my camwhore pic nowadays =..=
quite number of bloggers there but i only camwhore those that i really familiar with =/
so that's all :p

Wonder why Chris on the stage?
We forced him to join the game, for who having the best costume.
And the winner is choose by who get the most cheers

Chris won it! the power of bloggers!
We cheer for him XD

And he won a "sexy" Vodka

Most of us quite enjoy watching below artist perform...

It because of her "extra" performing that attracted most of us =..=

The event end around 12, but few of us still stayed for clubbing activities :p

The next day, 1st Auguest 2009, 8.30pm
My sis and me was at Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium.
Yeap, Superband were here to perform!

Superband is formed by Dai Yau Law, Jonathan Lee, Emil Chau and Zhang Zhen Yue


Superb performance as all of them are talented



was rocked when Ah Yue sing this


Totally enjoyed the show

Right after the concert (ended at 11.45pm) I head straight to Zouk (almost 1 am at that moment :p)
It was Heineken Green Room XD


Met PPC and her bro, which gave me a bottle of Heineken to chill~
Enjoyed the night as well


Jamie, Nigel, Kel, me and Joshua

Enjoyed the rest of the night :)


Pork Chop said...

wahhh 3 sekali gus! :P
i havent blog about green room yet :S anyway, its not a bottle, it was just half a bottle with my saliva LOL :P

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

Yay! You camwhored with only the familiar ones.. *points at myself*

You camwhored with me! woots..

wah happening ar u!! so many events..tsk tsk

Ren said...

PPC: hahaha yeah, coz lazy to seperate lar.
Since I won't type long, and pictures not as many as previous, 1 shot doing them only feel nice :D

Kristine: LOL
at least those I comfortable to snap pic with :)

talking about happening? i thought you more happening?