Friday, August 14, 2009

District 9 - Not an Ordinary Alien Movie

Was watching this movie, District 9 the other night (Wednesday) with the gang.
Thanks to Sony Pictures for the movie invites

Howard showing his DSLR camwhore skill XD
my face kena chopped =/

Those that haven't watch this movie, and those that feel like this gonna be a crappy movie after watching the trailer, your guys should go watch it to judge is it that bad!
I wasn't expect much, may be because of this, the movie was quite a blast for me.
Not gonna be a spoiler as this movie will be much more interesting if you discover it yourself.
All I can say is the story line isn't boring, the way the director perform this movie is special and refreshing, at least for me.

I've watched Cloverfield before and no, District 9 is nothing close to that.
D-9 story is much emotional :)
I totally like how they show how ugly human really is,
and yeah, deep down inside me do like violence even though I object it for a better peaceful world.
But we human do born violence?
It's nature thatwe born that way, else you wont see fighting or war everyday.
how many centuries we try to fix this but it still continue =/
So I kinda like the violence in this movie.
D-9 is nothing about alien come and conquer the earth or destroy the earth like most alien movie do, you have to watch it yourself to judge.

I'll give a 7.5/10 on this movie. I enjoying it and I don't mind to watch it another time :D

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