Friday, May 21, 2010

Made A Video For Her

Here's the video!
The song title is: Valentine
Sang by: Kina Grannis

And Kina Grannis did actually replied on my video, and "favorite" my video~ ^^

You can download this song free at her website :)

The ideas for making this video are inspired by:
Kina Grannis
Wongfu Productions
Patrick Boivin
and of cause her!

Yeah a lot of you had watched it.
I had been shamelessly spamming over plurk, twitter and facebook :p

I wanted to make this video for so long.
Started to plan few months back where impossible for her to fall for me.
She in love, so in love with someone else.
I only can say that dude is a lucky fellow.
Life's always unfair and i know how this will end up.
Just like me and my ex, Jayne.
I know how she put effort and treat me real good.
I appreciated her a lot, but, we can't control our feeling sometimes.
It din worked out... I did not fall for her which I thought I would.
To be fair for her, I ended that Relationship..
So I of cause aware this going to be same.
If she already so into someone else, there is nothing I can do to move her.
Some might ask, why you still doing this even you already know the answer.
For me, I doing this is to express my feelings, and I wanna at least do something before totally letting it go.
I don't want to be regret some day in future.
At least I did something for someone that I really fall in love to.
She has her own reason that she not giving the chance, I respect that.
Grateful she come into my life.
She inspired me, changed me, motivated me.
So to not let her down I gonna just move on~

A little more introduction on Kina Grannis:

Kina Grannis wrote a few pretty songs, so do enjoy!

below is the original Music Video of Valentine

Before the album release

Stay Just A Little

Make Me


ep said...

great video man. i know how you feel. i am sure she will like the video and will still like to have a great friend as you. keep up the good work.

Jolyn Goh said...

Like I said before..
No worry, you're a lovely person
The right one shall fall for you when time comes.. =)

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Yeah, a video worth to share =)
All the best to get "Yes" as answer!

§oŁЇtǺ®ÿ ®o§ě said...

Holy shit its so awesome I'm going to share it on fb man!! May it travel around the world and you'll be fehmes and then she will regret saying no to you. HMPH!!


Ren said...

thanks everyone for the kinda comment :)

NK said...

u do know that the fan made video is made by one of the forumer in lowyat right?

Ren said...

NK: I'm that forumer :) coolerthings is my nickname in LYN

Simon Seow said...

I ordered her latest CD, Stairwells. Shipping on the way to my place lol.