Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The late update of November

November was nice.
Taking my time to adapt with the new place.
Nice scene I can say.

I manage to capture this time lapse through my room's window.

Awesome isn't it?

Beside that, my long waited Hot Toys DX-01 Joker had arrived and manage to play with it :D

More Pictures click here






And beside that, I in a relationship and it's more than a month now...
Some ppl aware of that but some don't.
Know her through Plurk and we click very very well when we first chat in MSN.
It's not easy for both of us especially how we get in to this by knowing each other for such a short period.
things happen and I'm still sorting it all.


Lotsa XOXO for my gf Ms. Juice A.K.A Jayne

Leaving on a jet plane tonight.
Manchester :)
All thanks to Joshua


wen pink said...

December liao!! What last update of Nov? hahaha.. Wow lotsa xoxo for her.. so sweet! Have fun in Manchester... no souvenir for u from London then! Coz u r going UK tooo~ wuhoooo! :P hiak hiak..

Sue Me said...

when intro la?? Hehehe..have fun in manchester :)

blueyfetes said...

U're lucky to get one that clicks with u so much through the internet... :)

All the best and have fun~ happy for u.

Jolyn Goh said...

All the best with your new found LOVE =)