Monday, September 7, 2009


Last 2 Saturday, a bunch of blogger having a feast at David place :D
Thanks to Stanley and Kel Li for the invite :)

Is a pot luck style BBQ party, we bringing our own food to contribute and I was bringing chicken and beef burger patties.

That day evening, went to Yatz place earlier, he was offering a ride, Vivien was at the same car too.
then we meet up at Joshua place, waiting Aaron and Chris to arrive.
On the way, we were enjoying the fresh oven egg tart that yat bringing.
It was awesome!

After long waited every one arrive, we all headed to David place which is at Klang...

We were quite late ="=
the rest of the post gonna be just captions :D

Thanks David for offering his place for the BBQ :D

Was busy with my burger that night

While Yat busy with his chicken wing, they call him the pro of BBQ :D

The pro "fire" Andrew which mean he good at heat/fire up the charcoal =..=

Chris busy with his Fish!

The pretty gals that bring along their yummilicious food~

Jamie, Kel Li and Hsu Jen (Please ignore the fellow with a big five behind =..=)

PPC, Linda? and Vivien

Thanks Sheoun for the wine! I think I drank most of it compare to other guys there.

Group pictures below~
Which i lazy to put caption/description/summary or... u get the idea =..=

Had lotsa fun that night
Thanks again to DGMB for such great party :D

Pic credit to Joshua and Nigel ;)

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